Why Taking Nootropic Supplements Is Worth It

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why taking nootropic supplements is worth it

Nootropic supplements cost money, sometimes hundreds of dollars per month for your ideal stack. Tweaking your stack can take time and trial-and-error. Maybe you’ve even tried some nootropic supplements touted as “the best thing ever” only to feel nada.

So here we are. Wondering if it is just hype, or worth it.

Maybe it’s both.

Worth It If You Take the Right Nootropic Supplements

There’s a difference between a high-performance road bike and a cheap one from a big box store. One is swift, light, and efficient with your energy output. One weighs significantly more and drags. 

There’s a difference between a high-performance car and a stripped-down model. Even if it’s the same vehicle make, the finely-tuned, better trim package looks and feels and even sounds better than it’s basic model counterpart, as you handle a winding highway.

Our list of examples could go on and on, but you already know the axiom: you get what you pay. Especially when it comes to performance and quality.

The same is true for nootropics. The entire field has gained so much popularity and is on an upward trajectory. One recent report anticipated double-digit market growth for the next 5 years in the nootropic supplement business. So of course everyone wants to jump on that bandwagon.

Given that you are optimizing your brain, your health, and your physical performance, nootropics, then, are really only worth it if you are getting high-quality supplementation, and the market is going to be saturated with overhyped poor quality substitutes. 

Worth It If You Know What You Want

To further stretch the road-biking analogy, some nootropic users will want to take the occasional ride and others will train for competition.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a quality machine, even if just for a Sunday ride. You’ll still probably get more out of your weekend morning distance ride on a Trek or Pinarello than you would on a Schwinn. 

But knowing what you want makes a big difference in both selection and outcome. 

In examining your nootropic stack, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I trying to correct an existing non-optimum condition? Examples may include sleep problems, bad skin, forgetfulness, lack of energy, depression or any number of other health concerns.
  2. Am I just curious? Maybe you just want to “try and see,” but have no real reason for pursuing nootropics. 
  3. Am I pursuing excellence? Like an athlete, are you interested in maximizing everything you can get out of your brain and body function?

Your answers to these reflexive questions can help you. There are no right or wrong answers here, it’s just an honest conversation with yourself about your intentions.

Based on those intentions, you can take the right approach to supplementation.

Worth It If You Want an Edge

Even if you’re just curious about nootropics benefits, you might try them and gain an edge over your peers.

In general, people decline. Mental clarity, focus, and drive diminish with age. Years of stress on the brain and body, of drinking or yo-yo diets or over-stimulation or poor sleep or any other number of factors, take a toll. Recovery time slows. Performance diminishes. You fail to reach your potential.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Taking nootropics can replenish the vital nutrition that age, a toxic environment, and stress have put on you– jump-starting the body’s ability to heal, adapt and improve.

A Nootropics Review

The bottom line: nootropic supplements are worth it if you take what works for you. We all test ride different bikes before selecting the one that performs best for us. The same approach will help you create a stack customized to the needs of your body, taking into account nutritional deficiencies, environmental stressors, and your individual needs.

On our Nootropic Technologies pages, we’ve profiled some great ways to get started. Take an honest look at your intentions, and based on that information take a test ride on the nootropics that will carry you the distance!